Why feel-in-g

Why the name Feel .in.g?


Probably one of my favourite words and topics! Feeling and ‘Feel in’.

Feel in your body and mind as a physical or emotional experience or awareness. Connecting with your inner & deeper self. Feeling what is true to you. Feeling means showing emotion or sensitivity. It is also the awareness of the way you should be treated. This is what I want to live by, as a Doula, as a Yoga Teacher but also just in my personal life every day. Be connected to how we should be treating each other and connected to how I feel inside myself.

And why the eucalyptus leaves?

GREEEEEN is my way of living. I wanted to share my eco-warrior spirit through my logo. I work hard at reducing my consumption and my waste and try to make better choices for our health and our planet and apply that in my work too, in every possible way.

The symbolism and proprieties of Eucalyptus are protective, purifying and healing. The name is derived from the Greek and means β€œwell covered”, referring to the protective membrane that covers the budding flowers of the tree. It is also a beautiful symbol of Australia’s unique wildlife and ecosystem, keeping in mind to stay tuned with its wisdom.