English Speaking Doula in Paris and Paris Region

Bilingual Doula in Paris and Paris Region

This page is for English Speakers and Expats, living in Paris or Paris Region and looking for Pregnancy & Birth Support in their Native Language.

Welcome! My name is Amelie Patrux Eddy.

I am a Doula (childbirth & postnatal support), Birth Educator and a Yoga  & Prenatal Yoga Teacher as well as a mother to my little Elijah.

I offer compassionate, personalized & evidence-based support to all families, both in English and French!

I am South African, Australian and French and just love supporting couples and families in their native language. When it comes to birth, you want to be able to roooaaar like you want right?! I also have a very good international birth knowledge so can help you understand the differences between the healthcare systems, especially when your girlfriends back home are telling you one thing and health professionals in France another !

Luckily most women who come from England, the US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, … know what a doula is, so I won’t spend too much time explaining WHAT IS A DOULA but check my page here if you are not too sure !

I offer 3 types of doula support :

I also offer Prenatal Yoga Classes, BirthPool Rental, Blessingways and Closing the Bones Ceremonies and other Women Circles all over Paris & surroundings. I am still offering Childbirth Education Classes overseas and I am the Doula Program Coordinator for She Births in Sydney, Australia (a well-known childbirth education program).

As a Doula, I offer compassionate support and evidence-based education. I have experience in all type of settings (public and private hospital, birth centre, homebirth) and all types of birth (scheduled caesarean, VBAC, vaginal birth with epidural, minimal intervention, …)

I support LGBTQI+ Families in Birth as well as families with diverse backgrounds and stories by providing a compassionate, respectful and culturally appropriate care to all my clients. My focus is to provide a safe, responsive and affirming experience for all expectant parents, partners or single/solo parents. 


A Doula is a trained birth support companion. Unlike the partner, close friend or family member present at the birth, I have both experience and knowledge of the birthing process and the medical system.

At no point, does the presence of the Doula, make the birth partner’s support less valuable. When the partner is willing to take an active part in the labour process, I will enhance and support his/her role as the primary birth companion. Partners are often able to participate more fully with a Doula present as it complements their role and strengthens it.  You can read more about this here in the dedicated paragraph.

Unlike hospital staff juggling with busy schedules and numerous patients, I will be present continuously throughout labour, offering one-on-one attention and support to the expectant parent. My intention is always to work alongside other care providers and medical teams for the best possible outcome. 


“Amélie made us feel very empowered, equipped and ready for our birth with all preparations and tools she shared with us. Having just moved to Paris from Australia we were very thankful to find such a caring bilingual, bi-cultural doula. Due to Covid policies at the birth clinic we chose, Amélie was not able to join us for the birth. During labor at home and for prenatal and postnatal care we could not have felt more cared for and supported with everything she provided. She quickly became a very stabling presence for us before and after the birth of our baby boy.

Amélie is a wealth of knowledge, shows great empathy and will make you feel very at ease. She was a great help with unexpected pregnancy symptoms through to help with breastfeeding and helpful tips to care for our newborn. She helped us with labor prep, a birth plan, postpartum meals and was a rock for us in our first weeks discovering parenthood and how to care for our little boy. We are beyond thankful for her time and care and would highly recommend her if you are thinking about having a doula join you on your birth journey.”

Emily and Emmanuel Hastings, Australian couple living in Paris, France


It is not easy for a woman or a couple to find themselves welcoming a baby when they live on the other side of the world !

  • First, there is the French medical system that is so different from the American, Canadian, British, Irish, Australian systems.
  • There is the fact you’re living so far away from your family and friends during pregnancy and after.
  • During medical appointments or on the big day, you can have difficulties expressing your needs and wishes to the French hospital staff that don’t speak a word of English.
  • Then when you get back home with a brand new bub, the absence of your ‘village’, of your community, your mom, sister or best friend can really be felt.
  • To all that we can add all the other question marks and anxieties that come with this new adventure.
Doula postnatale Paris La Rochelle


  • Talking face-to-face about your fears, asking the silly questions and preparing yourself emotionally to welcome your baby with a person that doesn’t only speak the same language but that also understands your cultural references, changes everything !
  • We meet up regularly during your pregnancy and we really get to know each other so you don’t need so many words on the big day because I know you and have your back!
  • I can come with you to medical appointments if you feel it is useful.
  • We talk nutrition, birth preparation and I will share with you all my birth tools.
  • We talk about your options and prepare a Birth Plan (or Birth Preferences Sheet) on a 1-pager, super visual and easy to read for the hospital team on the day.
  • If you have a partner, we will all work together so you are prepared for this big arrival. Nothing will be the same again and that is great but as a couple you also need to prepare for that change.
  • I will be present with you from beginning to end on the day you give birth for 3 hours or 24 !
  • Yo can leave your front brain in your locker and let your primal brain take over during birth (that is what we want for an easier birth!). Express your needs in your native language and I can play the interpreter with the medical team.
  • I come for visits in the postpartum time to support you in the first few weeks, debrief your birth (essential for a positive experience!) and talk about your emotions and recovery, breastfeeding, swaddling, sleep, comfort measures and care for bub.
  • If you need additional support in the postpartum time, that is totally possible. More info about the postpartum doula role here.

Give me a call, send a text or an email and we’ll discuss it all directly together ! I am looking forward to meeting you !

Une personne lumineuse qui a contribué à faire de cette grossesse notre histoire

Amélie nous a éclairés et guidés en bienveillance, elle a émis des propositions justes qui nous ont aidé à construire notre projet. Je vous souhaite de faire appel à ses services pour que vous vous sentiez compris et soutenu par une doula qui vous donnera des ailes pour aller à la rencontre de votre enfant. Plus d’Infos « Une personne lumineuse qui a contribué à faire de cette grossesse notre histoire »

Laure & Guillaume, Clinique Conti L'Isle Adam, France

Amélie est une personne incroyable avec un don, elle était née pour être une doula

Elle est d’une grande gentillesse, a vraiment pris soin de moi et a été incroyablement soutenante. Si vous avez l’opportunité de travailler avec elle, je recommande grandement ce choix. Elle a énormément de connaissances sur tous les sujets grossesse et post-partum. Elle travaille dur afin de combler les besoins de chaque individu. Plus d’Infos « Amélie est une personne incroyable avec un don, elle était née pour être une doula »

Payton Brock, Luke Fischer & baby Ford, Maternité de Nanterre, France

Sa bienveillance, son écoute et ses connaissances font d’Amélie une doula précieuse ! 

Le jour de l’accouchement, Amélie m’a accompagnée pendant le travail, en me guidant, m’encourageant, me soutenant, me remotivant, le tout de manière bienveillante et pour faire en sorte que tout se déroule comme je le souhaitais. Plus d’Infos « Sa bienveillance, son écoute et ses connaissances font d’Amélie une doula précieuse ! « 

Ariane & son fils, Hôpital Simone Veil Eaubonne, France

Sa présence et son écoute précieuse m’a fait me sentir en parfaite sécurité

Amélie a cette intelligence relationnelle, humaine qui fait qu’elle trouve toujours la juste place et les bons mots (en plus d’être une mine d’information)! Elle a cette capacité à être à la fois entièrement présente, à nos côtés, tout en nous laissant tout l’espace dont nous avions besoin Plus d’Infos « Sa présence et son écoute précieuse m’a fait me sentir en parfaite sécurité »

Emmanuelle David et baby Marin, Accouchement à Domicile, Bondi, Australie

Résultat : un accouchement génial!

Beaucoup de douceur, d’énergie, d’empathie et surtout énormément de connaissances sur le avant/pendant/après qui nous ont été super utiles pour nous préparer à accueillir notre bébé du mieux qu’il soit.
Je suis extrêmement reconnaissante à Amélie pour avoir toujours été présente et disponible pour toutes les questions que j’avais, avoir su me booster à fond pendant le travail tout en guidant et rassurant le papa. Plus d’Infos « Résultat : un accouchement génial! »

Elodie, Seb & baby Lou, Dee-Why, Australie 

Elle m’a coaché a travers l’un des plus gros challenges de ma vie

Après 2 jours, mon travail n’a pas progressé et quand on m’a parlé de césarienne, ce n’était évidemment pas le résultat que j’avais souhaité. Amélie m’a aidé à prendre du recul, faire le deuil du projet initial et nous a donné un cours accéléré pour préparer une ‘césarienne centrée sur la famille’ et nous a aidé à préparer les questions pour l’obstétricien afin que nous puissions plaidoyer pour un respect de nos choix (même quand on a une césarienne, c’est possible !) Plus d’Infos « Elle m’a coaché a travers l’un des plus gros challenges de ma vie »

Justina Gill & Philip Kean, Sydney, Australie