Amélie is an incredible person with such a gift, she was born to be a doula.

“Amélie is an incredible person with such a gift—she was born to be a doula. She is kind, nurturing, and so very supportive. I am so incredibly grateful for her unwavering support and guidance as I brought our son into this world. I was able to achieve my “dream birth” and deliver our son without medication in the water. It was absolutely magical and more than I could’ve ever hoped or dreamed. Meeting him was such a blissful moment—there is nothing more empowering than bringing your sweet baby into this world. We moved to the Paris area in August, and I was due to give birth to our son in November. We do not speak French so to be able to have her help not only translating for us but advocating for me and my desires was such a huge relief. She helped me ease the intensity of labor through her many different suggestions and was always there to give me a sip of water or to cheer me on. She also helped us set up a meal delivery service for postpartum which delivered nourishing, organic foods so I wouldn’t have the stress of having to prepare meals for our family right after giving birth. Having Amélie’s support was so beneficial for us. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly suggest you do. She is so knowledgeable in all things birth and postpartum, and she really works hard to help meet the needs of each individual. Every woman should have a doula, and Amélie is truly one of a kind! She is such beautiful person, and I will forever be grateful for her!”

Payton Brock, Luke Fischer & baby Ford, Maternité de Nanterre, France