She coached me through one of the most challenging moments of my life.

After meeting several doulas, we felt Amélie was the right fit for us. We met with her three times prior to my due date to prepare for the birth. My husband and I were excited and anxious as first time parents. Amélie spent time understanding how we wanted to be supported as well as arming us with knowledge to help us feel confident and prepared for what was to come.
I eventually had to be induced due to being passed 42 weeks and during that time Amélie was such a huge support to myself and to my husband. In the end my labour didn’t progress and I ended up having to have a C-Section, an outcome I had not prepared for. Amélie gave us a crash course on what to expect and told us all the questions we could ask the OB ensuring we were advocating for ourselves. Because of Amélie’s great advice we ended up having a beautiful C-section experience. We had music playing, my husband was the first to reveal the gender of our baby and were able to have delayed cord clamping amongst other things.

After the birth of my daughter, COVID was in full swing and the birth of my daughter hadn’t progressed the way I had hoped for so long. Amélie helped me unpack this with a birth debrief which allowed me to work through my thoughts around my c-section and come to peace with this providing not only emotional support but helped me understand why certain decisions were made from a medical perspective.
Amélie’s tireless support throughout the experience was incredible and she coached me through one of the most challenging moments of my life.