really helped create my ideal birth

“Having a doula accompany me through the birth of my baby girl was absolutely the best decision I made. And Amelie is an ideal companion, support, educator and coach for the birth process. Before the birth, Amelie shared variable information to help us understand what to expect, what to pack for the hospital and how to prepare physically and mentally for the birth. As it was our second child, she gave us a great refresher on what was going to happen! When my labour began, Amelie came at just the right time to our home to provide support for me and my husband. She was calm, confident and highly skilled, and really helped create my ideal birth. After the birth Amelie brought over delicious chicken broth which boosted my energy, cooked a meal and did a great debrief on the birth. I feel so privileged to have had the support of such an amazing, educated Doula. My birth went so smoothly, with Amelie present I could focus on myself and my baby, and not on logistics or anything that would take me out of my zone. She absolutely helped me achieve my ideal natural birth. My husband also found the birth so smooth and positive because of her presence.” 

Jo Savill, Wollstonecraft (Pregnancy & Labour Support)