Postnatal Doula Support with my Newborn in Paris and Ile-de-France

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

African Proverb

In addition or as a separate package to the birth support, in a postpartum role, I attend to the new family at home after the birth. The journey isn’t over once baby has arrived, it is just starting! 

I’ll visit you in the comfort of your own home, usually during the first twelve weeks, but it can also be anytime during the first 6 months.


Today most of us are lacking the ‘village’, that supportive network to strive as new parents, especially in big cities, fare from family or when living overseas. When I become your doula, I step up and help you rebuild the village YOU need around you.

Village Postnatal Doula Paris

Sometimes family is close-by and that can be amazing but it can also feel a bit too much… Maybe having your mother-in-law popping-in every day is not the most useful help for you right now. Maybe the ‘Insta-perfect’ pressure is not helping you relax in your new role. Maybe the well-intentioned friends wanting to ALL visit at the same time is not the smartest idea. and that’s all ok.

So I will help you identify who are the people YOU want to bring in your supportive village. Let’s create what works for you, whether it is a cleaner, a meal delivery company or a home-massage therapist !


Once baby is born, the attention of the caregivers (and anyone really!) is all about this little star… My role is centred around taking care of YOU with unconditional support and evidence-based information so you can feel present mentally, physically & emotionally for the journey into parenthood.

Doula anglophone France

I am not a guest or distant relative coming to meet the new baby. With me, don’t worry about washing your hair, getting out of your tracksuit, pulling yourself together if you’ve been crying all morning, preparing tea when I arrive, cleaning the pile of dishes in the sink, … just BE YOURSELF, however raw and vulnerable you feel that day! 


Most of us know that to best support others, we first need to be well ourselves (the famous “put the oxygen mask on you first before you help others”) so sometimes my role will also be to remind you about YOU! What can we do so you get a break?  book a massage, go for a walk, have a swim at the beach, take a nap, meet up with friends, just a shooower please … I will help you identify what you need to find your feet again and we will make it happen! 

Doula Support France


When we become a parent, we all get overwhelmed by well-meaning advise and tips from family, friends, books, podcasts, youtube videos and Instagram accounts…. My non-judgemental and reassuring presence will just give you the additional confidence your might need to empower yourself and ‘know’ deep down that you ARE already providing the best care for you baby!


  • establishing successful nursing
  • caring for baby while you take a nap or some self-care time (yep I am talking rose petal bath with candles, music and a book!)
  • cooking nourishing meals in your kitchen to replenish your body and soul
  • helping with small house chores (laundry, tidying,…)
  • attending to the needs of other family members or siblings
  • enlisting support from your friends and relatives & organising a meal train
  • discussing sleeping routines
  • practicing baby massage, wrapping, carrying
  • helping with the logistics of leaving the house with a baby (and sometimes a toddler!) for medical appointments or grocery shopping
  • debriefing your birth experience together (a very crucial point… whatever your experience was)
  • Exeteraaaa. The details of my work will vary from family to family, because each family’s situation is beautiful and unique! 


I offering the option of postpartum meals delivery following the tradition of the ‘first 40 days after birth’ that dates back centuries and is still followed in many traditions all around the world. It is an essential time for the expectant parent’s recovery and healing, both mentally and physically, integrating wholesome and nourishing foods in this new routine with baby. All meals are hand-made with love in my kitchen. READ MORE HERE.


I support LGBTQI Families in Birth as well as families with diverse backgrounds. Find out more HERE.


Amélie is an incredible person with such a gift, she was born to be a doula.

She is kind, nurturing, and so very supportive. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly suggest you do. She is so knowledgeable in all things birth and postpartum, and she really works hard to help meet the needs of each individual. Read More “Amélie is an incredible person with such a gift, she was born to be a doula.”

Payton Brock, Luke Fischer & baby Ford, Maternité de Nanterre, France

Amélie is a wealth of knowledge, shows great empathy and will make you feel very at ease

Amélie made us feel very empowered, equipped and ready for our birth with all preparations and tools she shared with us. Having just moved to Paris from Australia we were very thankful to find such a caring bilingual, bi-cultural doula. Read More “Amélie is a wealth of knowledge, shows great empathy and will make you feel very at ease”

Emily and Emmanuel Hastings & baby Oslo, Clinique Jeanne d'Arc, Paris, France

She coached me through one of the most challenging moments of my life.

In the end my labour didn’t progress and I ended up having to have a C-Section, an outcome I had not prepared for. Amélie gave us a crash course on what to expect and told us of all the questions we could ask the OB ensuring we were advocating for ourselves. Because of Amélie’s great advice we ended up having a beautiful C-section experience. Read More “She coached me through one of the most challenging moments of my life.”

Justina Gill & Philip Kean, Sydney, Australie

Result : a fantastic birth !

Having Amelie by our side during pregnancy and birth was one of our best decisions ! So much gentleness, energy, empathy and most of all, so much knowledge on the before/during/after that were so useful to prepare us to welcome our baby girl in the best way possible. Read More “Result : a fantastic birth !”

Elodie, Seb & baby Lou, Dee-Why, Australie 

her gentleness, her energy and her deep knowledge made me feel very safe

This second birth was a planned homebirth and I had a quick labour. Amélie held the space for us, with her feminine, uplifting, nurturing and reassuring presence. Her gentleness, her energy and her deep knowledge made me feel very safe. Read More “her gentleness, her energy and her deep knowledge made me feel very safe”

Emmanuelle David et baby Marin, Accouchement à Domicile, Bondi, Australie

she knew exactly when to get involved and when to leave us to it

Amelie’s presence was totally invaluable. I don’t think my labour would have been so successful if she wasn’t there. She knew exactly when to get involved and when to leave us to it […] She was the one person who stayed with us throughout the entire labour while midwifes changed shifts. Read More “she knew exactly when to get involved and when to leave us to it”

Ana Joselyn De Aguiar, Mascot

such an integral part of our birth plan

I never thought having Amelie as our doula was going to be such an integral part of our birth plan. She was there with us every step of the way and as a new father she supported me effortlessly… Read More “such an integral part of our birth plan”

Henk (dad), Bondi

above and beyond what was expected

Amelie played an essential and supportive role in my pregnancy and was present for the amazing birth of our son […] She was by my side giving me confidence, helping me push through the stages of labour (all 50 hours of it!) Read More “above and beyond what was expected”

Khanh, Bondi
Pregnancy & Labour Support

completely present

She was completely present for my labor and supported me physically and emotionally in her compassionate way. I can’t thank her or sing her praises highly enough … Read More “completely present”

Kate Gooden, Five Docks
Pregnancy & Labour Support

her presence and actions were instrumental

Amelie never faltered and even when she wasn’t saying anything, her presence and actions were instrumental in getting me through to the end. She will always be a big part in our memories of that time … Read More “her presence and actions were instrumental”

Natalie Fatakia, Pymble
Pregnancy & Labour Support, Prenatal Yoga

taught me how to focus my energy

I was a beginner and I was not sure if yoga was the right thing for me but Amelie was really patient and professional to teach me everything about it, she is a person with an extensive knowledge … Read More “taught me how to focus my energy”

Gonzalo Zabaleta, Dee-Why

a heart opening approach

I really love Amelie’s classes. She has a heart opening approach to the way she teaches. Her classes integrate vinyasa flow with alignment and meditation which cater to all levels, always offering different options to suit everyone … Read More “a heart opening approach”

Mariam Nakhal, Randwick

warm, caring and gentle

I liked Amelie right from the start. She was so warm, caring and gentle. She really went that extra mile with making sure I was looking after myself and encouraging me to have some “me-time”. She cooked nutritious wholesome meals … Read More “warm, caring and gentle”

Juliana R, Eastlakes
Postpartum Support

really helped create my ideal birth

Having a doula accompany me through the birth of my baby girl was absolutely the best decision I made. And Amelie is an ideal companion, support, educator and coach for the birth process … Read More “really helped create my ideal birth”

Jo Savill, Wollstonecraft
Pregnancy & Labour Support